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Request a tenant screening report

A large percentage of tenants that we evict have a history of evictions.   The landlord does not make money evicting tenants.  Save yourself the aggravation by screening your applicants.

FloridaREI is an agent of Screening Reports, Inc., a national provider of background screening services for industry professionals. Your automated screening report includes identity and address verification, a credit report, 50 state criminal background and sexual predator search, and eviction history.  The search criteria is then filtered through a customized algorithm that is compliant with HUD guidelines to provide a pass, fail, or conditional acceptance.  This helps protect you from allegations of bias in your approval process.

The reports are $40.00  per applicant.    Each applicant must fully complete and sign this consent form and you must email the completed consent form to FloridaREI.   Be sure that the writing is legible, as the results will be flawed if the date of birth or social security number is not entered correctly.  There are no do overs for erroneous information. 

Reports can only be submitted during regular business hours and take approximately 12 hours to complete. The results will then be e-mailed to you with a letter to the applicant informing them that they have passed, passed conditionally, or failed, and the reason for the conditions or failure.

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