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Florida requires a court order, enforced by the county sheriff, to remove any non-transient from residential or commercial property.

The police will not remove a person from residential property who has been there more than 30 days, or who has any ID or mail bearing the property address.  

It is a violation of the Florida Landlord-Tenant act to attempt to remove a person from residential property yourself.  This includes causing the utilities to be turned off, removing the locks,  or removing any lease ammenity.  The penalty is three months rent, attorneys fees and court costs.

What is the correct cause of action to remove a person in possession?

Occupant pays in money or services for the exclusive possession of the premises -  Eviction

Occupant does not pay anything for for possession of the premises, does not necessarily have their own room.  Is a guest, friend, or relative - Unlawful Detainer

Occupant has some claim of ownership to the premises. i.e. purchase contract, option,  inheritance,  spouse of owner:  Ejectment


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