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Cost and Fees


Alexander  Patrick Johnson PLLC stands ready to prosecute your tenant evictions in ANY COUNTY IN FLORIDA or to advise you in any Florida landlord tenant matter.  Please contact us at 954-779-7050 or email us  to discuss your situation and find out how to proceed.

Most of the forms you will need to get started are provided for free on the Landlord Forms page of this site.   While a  notice to cure lease violation or a notice of non-renewal can be emailed to the tenant,  The 3 day notice must be posted on the door.   If the 3 day notice is mailed,  five additional days must be added to the due date.   If you can not post the 3 day notice yourself, or do not have someone who can post it for you, give us a call or send an e-mail.  We can have your notice  posted for you for $45.00

Eviction actions proceed quickly in Florida.  In most cases, we can have the tenant out of the property within three weeks.   You will have to arrange for someone meet the sheriff at the property to change the locks and  remove the tenant’s personal belongings from the premises.

Florida landlord-tenant law provides that the prevailing party is entitled to a judgment for their attorney’s fees and costs. 


In Florida a property manager may file an action for possession (but not money damages) with the written authorization of the property owner,  but if the matter is contested an attorney must be retained.  Any natural person owning a property may file an eviction pro se.   A corporation or an LLC is required to use an attorney.  No non-attorney can file any motions in a contested case


There a many non-attorney entities advertising low cost eviction services on the internet.   It is illegal for a non-attorney to do anything more than fill in the blanks on Florida Bar approved forms.  A non-attorney can not file motions in a contested case.  A non-attorney can not represent you in any way.  If the judge rules against you,  you may be ordered to pay the tenant's attorneys fees and court costs.


In order to start the eviction we will need a copy of your lease (if there is one) a copy of the signed and dated notice that was delivered to the tenant (i.e. 3 day notice, 7 day notice to cure, 15 day notice of non-renewal),  and full payment.   We accept checks,credit cards and paypal. 

Filing Fee to the Clerk of the Court          185.00
Issuance of Summons (each) 10.00
E-filing* convenience fee    5.00
Process server fee per defendant (each)  47.00
Sheriff fee for Writ of Possession   Every County/ Dade     90.00/115.00
Attorney Fee**       500.00

* E-filing is mandatory for attorneys        

** for uncontested case. The attorney fee is earned in full once the complaint has been filed.  Additional attorney’s fees are payable in advance at  $350.00 per hour for any additional time,  if  contested,  in the event of a mediation, after the judgment or possession or settlement agreement  has been entered or relating to a money judgment.

In order to obtain a money judgment against the tenant you need to serve the tenant personally with the summons. This may require the issuance of additional summons.   Motions for money judgment usually require  an evidentiary hearing.  This will require the attendance of a witness, documentation of your claim and additional attorney time.


Blank forms are available free on this website. 
Notices can be prepared for you for a flat rate of $50.00.

To start the eviction email a signed retainer agreement,  the lease (if there is one) and the notice terminating the tenancy.

You may submit payment for an eviction by clicking on add to cart below


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